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An alpaca wool plaid that will pamper you with its incredible softness and refined lightness

Careful! This plaid can seriously harm your social life. Read the description carefully.

If you don’t want to spend whole evenings enjoying endless cups of hot chocolate, hidden/or under a comfortable plaid, this product is not for you.

If, on the other side, during the whole winter period, in your veins flows more hot chocolate than blood, and the best days are those where it rains outside and you enjoy your favorite show on TV, you can’t do without Sonnellino.

Sonnellino is not a plaid. Sonnellino is THE plaid.

Its composition of fine wool allows it to keep you warm for as long as you want. In addition, its softness allows it to be very delicate even in contact with naked skin. Nothing like that granny wool sweater we used to wear when we were kids but it itched like a damn...

Joking aside, this plaid is something serious. It’s the result of research, cure and design, all starting with the idea of warming you up.

Because of our idea of craftsmanship is deeply linked to harmony of nature and sustainability, our plaids are not produced in industrial quantities.

We have therefore decided not to create overproduction, but we only produce as a result of your purchase.

It’s true, you’ll have to wait two extra days for the arrival of your plaid, but once you hold it in your hands you will be sure that that product was made thinking of you, and not pulled out of a storage warehouse.

This is the idea of craftsmanship that we like, a little playful and a little poetic.

Do you have any question? Write to us using the information request form that you find down below clicking on “request info”. We will be happy to answer you.

Sale 25 %

€ 184,00138,00 IVA 22% inc.

Starting from € 138,00


Free shipping throughout Italy

100% Made in Italy

Secure Payment

Delivery in 10-12 gg

Dimensioni: 200*150 cm

Composizione: 32% PC, 24% WP, 24% WO, 20% PL

Raccomandazioni per il lavaggio:
-lavaggio a mano a 30°
-possibilità di utilizzare il ferro da stiro fino a 110°
-non utilizzare candeggina o sbiancanti aggressivi
-non asciugare in asciugatrice
-lavaggio a secco può essere fatto con Percloroetilene

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